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Pioneers in residential psychiatric treatment for young adults

Moving from high school to college and college to independent living are some of the most difficult transitions in an individual’s life.

Many young adults find themselves struggling with significant mental health issues that become exacerbated by the pressures and demands of their school and/or early work career.

With a beautiful location in Santa Monica, California, Bridges to Recovery offers a premier residential treatment program for young adults suffering from:

• Depression
• Bipolar Disorder
• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Social Phobias
• PTSD and more

Bridges for young adults has a unique and powerful program that is designed to help young people suffering from psychiatric disorders who are seeking in depth psychotherapy and an alternative to a hospital environment for their primary extended care.

We will provide young adults with coping skills to address emotional symptoms and to give the emotional vocabulary to help reach out to those around them for help and support when needed.

Bridges For Young Adults Understands the needs of Young People

At Bridges to Recovery, our psychotherapists and psychiatrists are experts in understanding the disorders of early adulthood and work within a treatment team approach that incorporates university counselors and educational advocates to provide a holistic and integrated approach to long-term growth and mental health.

Bridges to Recovery is able to enact real change in the lives of young adults – as well as their families.

Bridges to Recovery offers resources for young adults to explore various ways to accomplish difficult developmental transitions, establish healthy life patterns, and enhance their sense of well-being. Self-image issues associated with psychiatric disorders receive special attention during treatment.


We recognize that many young adults experience problems with substance abuse or dependence in addition to mental health issues and difficult transitions, often as a result of attempts to cope with what is going on in their lives.

Unlike some other programs that emphasize treatment of chemical dependency, Bridges to Recovery addresses the primary underlying issues, while providing therapeutic and psychosocial support for sobriety and personal growth.

To ensure the highest level of care Bridges to Recovery is licensed by the Department of Social Services in California. All of our psychotherapists are licensed in California.

Our treatment approaches will be individualized to fit our patient’s needs but typically include individual psychotherapy, EMDR, somatic experiencing, dialectic behavior therapy (DBT) skills, Grief and Loss, music therapy, art therapy, yoga, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, vocational/educational counseling, and others.

If you or your love one is suffering from a psychiatric disorder – and you’re ready to work with a program that offers true, individualized care, contact Bridges to Recovery today! Call ………….

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